Palenke Soultribe – LA GOZADERA – Lo Maximo Electronica

Palenke Soultribe – LA GOZADERA – Lo Maximo Electronica

This video makes you want to laugh and dance at the same time. This song warms the heart of Latinos worldwide!

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Palenke Soultribe - LA GOZADERA - Lo Maximo Electronica


More about the video:

The videoclip for La Gozadera is a rhythmic version of dozens of videos the band’s fans sent in online from around the world with their covers of this song. After the group invited their fans to do so, they received videos from a number of countries around the world, such as the Czech Republic, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico and the United States, among others. The collage of images was turned into a dynamic and entertaining video that makes you want to watch it over and over again.


El video-clip de La Gozadera es una edición rítmica de docenas de videos de fans de la banda alrededor del mundo que enviaron en video via internet, sus interpretaciones propias  del tema. Después de una conovocatoria que el grupo lanzó a sus fans, se recibieron videos de numerosos países del globo entre los que se encuentran: República Checa, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Venezuela, México, USA entre otros. El collage de imagenes se convirtió en un dinámico y entretenido video que invita a verlo una y otra vez.



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