Message to Venus – Hollow

Message to Venus is what it truly means to be a Latin Independent band. I have seen these guys hustle and it has paid off. The song “Hollow” has been rotated heavily on Satellite radio and that when we started to take notice. They are from our hometown of Miami and we hope to see them soon!

message to venus hollow


More about the band from their website:

Stirring inuences ranging from the aura of Tool, the innovation of The Mars Volta and the
classic presentation of Led Zeppelin into a melting pot of melodic heaviness, Florida-based
Puerto Rico-native rockers Message To Venus have risen to the forefront of the independent
music scene, drawing comparisons to established acts such as The Deftones, Soundgarden and
Alice In Chains.

Making their first official mark on the music scene in 2011 with the release of their debut single
“Universal You”, from the subsequent EP The Envelope, M2V were warmly welcomed by rock fans
from around the globe. Praised by established artists such as Godsmack and Halestorm,
receiving weekly spins at Octane and MusicChoice (among many others) and being featured in
the motion picture The Witness (El Testigo) have all added to the band’s growing portfolio of
Feeling as though fate was nudging them in a specic direction, the members of Message To
Venus made the decision to relocate to Miami, Florida in order to continue to promote their
music, as well as to record their debut full-length album, Victims & Villains. “Puerto Rico is
beautiful… it’s our home”, explains guitarist John Feliciano. “We play there as often as we can, but
in order to expand globally we want to be planted on soil where touring opportunities are more



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