The Battle of Santiago: A sound clash with a victorious outcome

This is music for those who enjoy Latin-infused rhythms, those who simply like to lay back on smooth atmospheric sounds or those who celebrate the diversity within music. Canadian-based The Battle of Santiago is creating music that doesn’t fit into a genre, but in our human need to categorize everything, people have been cataloguing their music as World music. It has Latin influences, but it’s not really Latin music, it also borrows elements from Jazz, but it’s not really Jazz. None of the musicians are purists; although every single member has a different background, they achieve sonic harmony, a common ground where music is simply music.

The Battle of Santiago‘s Latin section is comprised by Venezuelan-born Joel Perez and Cuban-born and raised Reimundo Sosa. They were both studying and performing percussion in their homelands before they were even teens. The Anglo section comprises bassist Michael Owen, saxophonist/flautist Michael Butler, and guitarist/sonic manipulator Lyle Crilly. That’s why the name of the band comes from the potential conflict that is created between both sections of the group. “That (conflict) can create something of a battle within the group, I think that kind of energy or tension creates a really good environment. You can feel the push and pull”, explained the group’s founder and bassist Michael Owen.

The band has released their second production titled “Followed by Thousands“, which features new compositions alongside inventive remixes of earlier material, such as “According to Legends”, the opening track on their previous release “Full Colours“, which now received dub, club and down-tempo treatments. It is “a record that helps define our sound and our direction”, notes Owen.

You can buy “Followed by Thousands” now on the iTunes Store!

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