Centavrvs: Chiquita Milagrosa

Centavrvs was born as an experiment that was born in 2010. It was the 100th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution and we wanted to celebrate it in our own way. We were trying to mix audio from some old Mexican movies and old corridos on vinyl with contemporary sounds and electronic dance beats. At the same time, we proposed the project to cultural institutions involved with the celebrations, but “the cake was cut already cut.”

We had so much fun in the process of creating these sounds, so we decided to keep doing it. We uploaded just four tracks to MySpace and then, one year later in 2011, a crazy guy from Oaxaca emailed me and asked me if we were interested to headline a jazz festival on November 20th, Revolution Day. We said yes, but we didn’t have a band, so I called my cousin Francisco Martínez (Guitar/Neon Walrus) and Alán Santos (Keyboards/Neon Walrus) to rehearse, compose and play this show on a beach. We rehearsed for one week and then we went to play.

The audience reaction was really cool and that was the beginning of Centavrvs as a formal band.



Music Demo

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