Buraka Som Sistema – Vuvuzela (Carnaval)- LA MAXIMO

About Buraka Som Sistema:

The wild beats of Angolan Kuduro music has been big in Lisbon clubs since the late 90s but Buraka Som Sistema – AKA Branko, Riot, Kalaf and Conductor – have fused it with 21st century electronics to create a whole new sound. Now this electro ghettotech take on their favourite South West African music has is quickening and corrupting dancefloors all over the world on the basis of an EP with sounds not many have heard before.
Branko and Riot began making music together in their teens, but the core of Buraka Som Sistema formed when the two began working with Angolan producer, Conductor, who brought along an extensive knowledge of Kuduro music to the equation. The three draw influences from the music of their youth and culture, fusing it with the inspiration taken from music genres as diverse as techno, drum’n’bass, hip hop and dance music. A revolving cast of talents complete the picture for Buraka, including guest vocals from Petty,M.I.A., Pongolove, Nolay and DJ Znobia.
After the immediate success of the debut album ‘Black Diamond’, Buraka Som Sistema spent the last 11 months working on the follow-up ‘Komba’, for which they recruited the support of collaborators like Sara Tavares, Roses Gabor, Terry Lynn and Afrikan Boy, as well as Blaya, who after spending three years on tour with the group has already become an indispensable presence on stage. The result is a merger between the two universes in which Buraka shines – the major concert arenas and the electronic clubs – a record that finds the guys getting comfortable with their role as a band, marking a clear evolution since the days of their first EP ‘From Buraka To The World’.

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