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Ulises Hadjis – Consecuencias y Reclamos

 English Recap: Ulises Hadjis is a musician, philosopher, and psychologist born in Venezuela. He was nominated for the Latin Grammy in three categories in 2012. In fact, he received incredible reviews from the Rolling Stone. Also, CNN wrote about his ...
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Pop - Indie, Electro, Rock

Vega feat. Budiño (Directo – Joy Eslava) – Como yo te amo

Bio: Vega dice: Mi nombre es Vega. Mercedes para mis conocidos. Bebes para mi familia y amigos. Gordita para quien duerme conmigo. Parru para mi mejor amiga. “Una” para quienes no me conocen. “Ésa” para quienes me odian. “Ella” tiernamente ...
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Destacado, Urbano
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Corazón Al Partir (ft. Auudi & Silvino Edward)

English Recap: Skeptic is a musical artist who believes in logic –based thinking. His pseudonym reflects his beliefs in hard science to convey his feelings about life.  As a Puerto Rican nationalist, he has produced electronic music, written rap lyrics ...
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Somos feat. Pato Machete y Hector Guerra Prod. Bial Hclap

English Recap: Bial Hclap is an incredible Mexican producer and beatmaker who has loved HipHop since he was a child. Once a former emcee, he decided to change his musical focus by creating new sounds on electronic instruments and consoles. ...
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Blit – Doria EP

English Recap: Cristobal Koren Blit known as a “Blit” is one of the most popular electronic producers in his native Chile. For almost ten years , he has produced several remixes, beats, and many experimental sounds. Currently, he has released ...
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